Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star baby shower 🌟

A gender neutral Twinkle Twinkle Little Star baby shower ⭐️

Setup included a cake, cupcakes, Macarons, cookies, Rice Krispies, and cake pops!

Chocolate cake with Buttercream ruffles

Funfetti and Chocolate cake pops

Iced Sugar Cookies and Rice Krispies

Cookie Dough Macarons

Vanilla and White Velvet Raspberry cupcakes

My Little Pony turned 4!

This cake and vegan treats, made for my eldest daughter’s 4th birthday were colorful and fun!

Vanilla and chocolate cake, Vegan mini cupcakes, and lots of cake pops!

Rainbow vanilla layers with Buttercream, and Chocolate layers with rainbow Buttercream!

Sledding in the 100 Acre Wood 

Happy 2nd Birthday Jackson! A sledding themed Winnie the Pooh cake for this little guy’s special day:

Chocolate Nutella and Vanilla layers to accommodate Pooh’s sledding adventure!

Hand made sled and coconut “snow”

Gluten and Dairy-free cupcakes to supplement!

1st Birthday fit for a Princess

Happy Birthday Everly 🎈

Dessert spread including a smash cake, cupcakes, cookies, and Rice Krispies.

Vanilla Smash Cake piped with rosettes and gold accents

Stuffed Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Double Chocolate cupcakes (Chocolate with White Chocolate frosting)

Strawberry cupcakes with Strawberry Cream Cheese frosting

Iced Sugar Cookies

Rice Krispies